Reforming Art Productions' (RAP) YOUTH COMPANY is a unique 9 month contemporary dance program for young artists who are transitioning from student to professional in the lower mainland.

This program offers dancers the opportunity to self-investigate in an encouraging environment, where students can expect to receive high-calibre training, professional networking opportunities, to participate  in original creations, and to take part in the development and production of community outreach initiatives.  

Driven by a philosophy that promotes independent thinking and fearless exploration, participants will receive a refined foundation in both contemporary and ballet techniques.

Our vision for this program is to  cultivate a collective of forward-thinking dance artists who are deeply committed to the future of their art form and are empowered to push beyond their preconceived limitations. It is our mission that artists will leave this experience feeling motivated and full, with a richer understanding of who they are and how they wish to contribute to the future expansion of Canadian dance.


Reforming Art Productions values the connection between personal development and dance education.  With small acceptance numbers, we offer a unique training program that values the individuality of each student.

Inside the studio, RAP's curriculum promotes a strong work ethic, and encourages a process of self reflection and depth while challenging students to push themselves past previously believed limitations.

RAP values the belief that the future of Canadian Dance needs to be driven by bold, courageous, and innovative artists. Our mission as a mentorship program is to develop strong, versatile dancers who are deeply committed to their craft, and who hold a strong sense of responsibility to their part in the future of dance in Canada.

Dance training and life training are the same. Whether that training is an instructed course in a chosen discipline or through the exactitude of life’s firm chiseling hand. We all receive training. Everyone is at different levels in earth school.
— Alonzo King


RAP is a dance company that is committed to increasing community outreach programs. We are committed to seeing art be implemented into society to create positive change through workshops that build community, confidence, and social awareness.

Students will have the opportunity to take lessons from the program, and use them to create and participate in community outreach projects that help build cross-cultural relationships, self-esteem, and confidence through the creative process.