Reforming Art Productions offers a diverse and challenging curriculum, that is designed to bring out each artist's instinctual gifts, all while reinforcing a strong technical foundation.

We are commited to empowering youth and inspiring futures through self-discovery, creative experimentation, and the love of contemporary dance.


Inside RAP studios, every student is heard, seen, and valued. Personal dialogue sessions are available to each student in this program. Through discussion, research and careful reflection, students will develop the confidence and courage to make important decisions that lead them to create an authentic career.

Photography by: Sophia Wolfe

Photography by: Sophia Wolfe

With certified instructors, Reforming Art is proud to provide our students with Progressive Ballet Training, as a method of conditioning.  

A mixture of pilates and ball work, Progressive Ballet Training is an innovative conditioning program designed to help students understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet.